Business men territory
More than just a barbershop.
About us
Wall Street – is a business men territory, we opened our doors in Moscow in January 12, 2015.
Our project is addressed to smart open minded men with good taste.
During all my professional life I worked with such guests. I know such people, their expectations, values and details that they take into consideration. Our guests are straight forwarded successful men, they know what they want in their life and career, what impression they want to make on their work partners, employees, women, and what they expect from their master.
They strictly evaluate the service and value their time. Our guest can be recognized not by the cost of his car or expensive accessories, but by unique charm, that immediately strikes one's attention, by his eyes and calm confident dignity.
Men that visit us for the first time and do not realize, what advantages features they have, can discover their benefits in our chairs.
Sergei Rudnitskiy, cofounder of the project "Wall Street" – business men territory. "
We are proud to make men look modern and find their own style and individuality.
Our team
Team formation – is a permanent work process, personal fulfillment, improvement of service and professional skills. We maintain high standards by regular appraisals and render services of a very high quality.
Thus each of us is co-author of creative process and knows what men expect to see in their style.
Our employees are both men and women who turn visits to our barbershop into special event.
We are proud to make men look more modern and find their own style.
This is our cultural values, our mission that our clients appreciate and invest into our project by each visit to our barbershop!
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